Welcome: Visual Effects


Freddie and Clint take about the explosion in the one-take video, giving a small preview of how we’ll approach teaching visual effects for RJFS.

Lesson Plan

Welcome to the first video in RocketJump Film School’s Visual Effects Track!

VFX Artist and director Clinton Jones, RocketJump co-founder Freddie Wong, and VFX Artist Eli Cuevas talk a little bit about the VFX work that went into the one-take video, covering the shooting, compositing, and rotoscoping the explosion shot.

The best way to learn VFX is to practice using your tools--over and over again--until you've mastered them and understand what they can be capable of.

We're not just going to show you how to recreate or copy certain shots or effects--we want to teach you what tools and concepts actually go into those effects and how they work, so you can apply any number of them to your own films in a variety of ways.

This way, we can give you the skills to not just be proficient at a program or a specific kind of effect, but to be inventive, intuitive, and the ability to make confident, well-informed creative decisions for your story.