PRO TIP: Camera Shake Effect (in AE)

Taught By:

Clinton Jones


Clinton Jones (aka the PWNisher) walks us through adding a hand held camera shake effect to a still image using After Effects.

Lesson Plan

So say you had some complicated shots you needed to shoot on a tripod. (Or maybe you're a director, actor and camera man and your little brother wouldn't hold the camera for you, so a tripod was the only option.)

Or maybe you want to show an establishing shot of the Chicago city skyline, but all you have is a vacation photo.

Either way, you have some beautifully still footage, but you want it to look handheld. What can you do?

Clinton Jones (the PWNisher) shows you how in this After Effects tutorial, demonstrating how to track the motion from a different handheld shot, and attach it to your stills.

Step-by-step study guide coming soon!