Face Swap Effect: Using the Puppet Tool in AE

Taught By:

Freddie Wong


Freddie walks you through the process of recreating the face swap effect (as seen in our short Mexican Standoff) using Adobe After Effects.

Lesson Plan

When recreating the face swap from Mexican Standoff, you'll learn how to use concepts like tracking, roto and the puppet tool together.

This tutorial is more advanced, coming in at 3/5 Freddies. This means you should have some knowledge of how to use After Effects, as well as basic experience with rotoscoping, motion tracking, and keying. (Don't worry -- beginner tutorials are coming soon!)

To learn more about the Adobe After Effects software, click here!

If you want some more help on the basics, we recommend Video Copilot. They are a great resource for VFX tutorials of every level.

And in case you were wondering, Freddie was eating a PB&J Sandwich.