Welcome: Sound

Taught By:

Kevin Senzaki


Kevin Senzaki guides us through how he recorded and designed all the sound for the One-Take video, giving us a preview of the type of tutorials and subjects he’ll cover in the Sound Track of the Rocketjump Film School.

Lesson Plan

Welcome to the first video in RocketJump Film School’s Sound Track!

Here we cover what went into creating sound for the one-take welcome video, in order to provide a quick introduction to the types of things we’ll cover as we go forward.

We’ll be touching on both the creative and technical covering things like: production audio, on-set recording and boom operating, microphones, equipment, software, foley, ADR, sound design, editing and mixing, good sound on a budget, and more… but most importantly, we’re going to demonstrate how all of these things affect your story.

The microphones mentioned in this video were:

Stay tuned! Kevin has a lot more Sound Advice coming up...