Pro Tip: How to Hold a Boom!

Taught By:

Kevin Senzaki


Kevin Senzaki brings us a quick pro tip on how to properly hold a boom pole and mic to get the best sound.

Lesson Plan

Kevin's key points on holding a boom:

  • Make sure the mic is pointed down towards your sound source, not up.
  • Try to get the mic roughly over your actor's head.
  • Stay out of the picture! It will help if you hold the boom as level/parallel to the ground as you can.
  • You can try resting the boom on your head or neck if your arms get tired.
  • Minimize your movement. For example, you can mic two actors in dialogue by holding the boom between them and just rotating it to point from one actor to the other with your wrists.
  • Keep the boom pole extended a bit longer than you need so you can hold it closer to the middle. It'll feel lighter that way.