Field Trip: Dolby Headquarters

Taught By:

Kevin Senzaki


RJFS visits Dolby Headquarters in San Francisco to get a look at how their technologies have affected filmmaking past and present, and how they hope to shape the future.

Lesson Plan

We've all seen the Dolby logo, whether it's in a theater or on our electronics at home... but what does Dolby actually do? RJFS went on their first road trip to visit Dolby in San Francisco to find out.

Dolby sponsored this video and our trip to their new headquarters to give us a look into how their technologies have affected films past and present, as well as some sneak peeks into what they're developing for the future.

The whole trip was incredibly fun-- we met some really cool people, and there was so much to nerd out about. We hope it gives you a new appreciation for all the science and creativity that goes on behind the scenes (or in this case, the laboratory!)

DISCLOSURE: this video was produced and financed in collaboration with Dolby. Want to learn more? Check them out at We had a great day with our hosts, Glenn and Oren, and thank them and all our interview subjects for spending time with us!