PRO TIP: What Are Sides?

Taught By:

Ashim Ahuja


Our friend Paige Winburne, Production Coordinator for the upcoming RocketJump: The Show, walks us through what to expect when reading or making production sides.

Lesson Plan

Sides are small, pocket-sized scripts that contain only the scenes that production is shooting on that day.

They are usually a half page in size (2 pages of script printed onto one, and cut with scissors or a paper cutter) and stapled together for easy access.

Because scripts don't always come in perfect page counts, or maybe you are not shooting a full scene in one day, sometimes parts of scenes you are not shooting will be printed in the sides. New scenes should be designated with a horizontal line, and if they are not being shot that day, crossed out diagonally.

Production should make new sides each production day. You don't want the crew fumbling around trying to find a copy of the script in the middle of a shoot!

Download example sides from Season 3 of VGHS here!

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