PRO TIP: Office Production Kit

Taught By:

Lauren Haroutunian


Ryan Kirby, Line Producer for RocketJump: The Show, gives us an inside look at the office production kit he has built over the years, and offers some tips about building your own!

Lesson Plan

So you're going on location and need to bring an entire production office with you. Where to start?!

Ryan Kirby, the Line Producer for the upcoming RocketJump: The Show, shows us the kit he's built over the years as he worked on different productions, showing us the kinds of things that will help you be prepared to keep a production office running, no matter where you are.

*Want to build your own kit and aren't sure where to start? *

Download the official RJFS Production Office Starter Kit Checklist!

Also make sure to check out The Complete Film Production Handbook, by Eve Light Honthaner. A great resource, and her production office travel kit is what we based our own office kits on!

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