Beginner Tips: On Writing Emails

Taught By:

Cherish Chen


Cherish brings us back to basics with a tool that's crucial to master in this industry: the email.

Lesson Plan

Film is all about communication, whether it's between friends you've been working with forever, or industry contacts that could lead to a job. While it might seem like a no-brainer, email etiquette is a necessary skill for communication in any industry. RocketJump Producer Cherish Chen walks through the absolute basics on making sure your email is clear, concise, and professional.

Things to remember:
- Be aware of your audience. It's It’s super important to consider what your relationship is with the person you’re emailing.
- Be concise. Ask yourself these two questions: What is the goal of this email, and is that goal clearly stated and understood? Don't include a lot of information or fluff that might confuse the point of the email. You don't need it!
- Use CC and BCC properly. CCing allows people to be looped in on conversations they need to see, keeping communication lines open and clear. BCC allows email to be sent to multiple people while keeping everyone's email addresses and other information private-- and the recipient can only reply to the sender.
- Don't enter the recipient's email until you're ready to send. This prevents you from sending someone a half-finished email by accident.
- Enable GMail's "Undo" function! This feature acts a delay and allows a small window of time for you to stop the email from actually being sent if you notice a typo or mistake last minute.

Keep those emails classy, folks!