Welcome: Editing

Taught By:

Freddie Wong, Joey Scoma


Joey Scoma and Freddie Wong talk about how the one-take... really had no editing.

Lesson Plan

Welcome to the first video in RocketJump Film School’s Editing & Post Track!

Joey Scoma (5SF, VGHS) and Freddie Wong (RocketJump, VGHS) can't really talk about editing the one take, so instead they pontificate on the heroic job of an editor, the mythical "transition noise", and how they plan to teach editing through the Editing Track in RocketJump Film School.

Joey's Three Basic Rules for Editing:

  1. What is the point (of the scene)?
  2. Find the story!
  3. Don't expect praise for saving the world.

Quick note: Don't worry about your editing software. Everyone will be able to follow the concepts we teach with any program.

Program-specific tutorials will come separately...once we get our three rules down!