Piecing It Together (The Post "Post Mortem")

Taught By:

Ashim Ahuja


The post & editorial team for RocketJump: The Show talk about their process, what they would have done differently, and their thoughts on the completion of the show.

Lesson Plan

Watching, logging, choosing, assembling, crafting, cutting, rebuilding, and re-cutting thousands of hours of footage into a story is not an easy feat. We talk to Ben Waller, Erin Willetts, Dom Rolandelli, Nathan Koepp and Ashim Ahuja about the long post process for RocketJump: The Show.

This is the twelfth and final installment of our series following the production of RocketJump: The Show! We addressed different technical aspects of each production each week as new episodes came out. You can watch all of them as a playlist here!

Thanks so much for watching our show. We hope we gave you a decent glimpse into how (and why) RocketJump loves making movies.

Interested in the full episode of extensive behind the scenes? Check it out the whole series on Hulu.

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