Color Correction: Jess's Big Date

Taught By:

Lauren Haroutunian


Colorist Paul Provost let us sit in on the color correction for the RocketJump: The Show original short, Jess's Big Date.

Lesson Plan

Here is a basic overview of what actually goes into color correction, and the initial steps you can take to get started as we take a look at the color session for RocketJump: The Show's original short, Jess's Big Date. These are just baby steps introducing you to the color correction process. More in-depth tutorials are on the way!

This is just an intro, so if you have any questions, ask us directly on the forums by clicking "Discuss This Lesson" above!

Software Links and Resources:
In our tutorial screen capture, we were using the Lumetri color workspace in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Paul was using DaVinci Resolve Studio. You can download the lite version of DaVinci Resolve for free, here:

DaVinci Resolve Free Download

Adobe Creative Cloud also includes Speed Grade

Some color profiles to try to obtain a flatter image in your DSLR:

Technicolor Cinestyle

Magic Lantern

For more color palettes, you can visit: Movies in Color and Movie Barcode

Credits: Large Skyfall Color Palette found on Reddit

Canon Cinestyle Comparison clip by DanielGS

How to install Cinestyle on Canon Cameras

This is the ninth installment of our series following the production of RocketJump: The Show! We'll address different technical aspects of each production each week as new episodes come out.

Interested in the full episode with behind the scenes? Check it out the series on Hulu!

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