Pre-Visualization: KEEP OFF THE GRASS


Clinton, Freddie, Matt and Jon sit down for our first-ever RJFS commentary as they discuss how they planned, choreographed and shot RocketJump: The Show's newest short, Keep Off The Grass using pre-visualization.

Lesson Plan

What exactly is a "pre-viz" or pre-visualization? Basically, you shoot and edit the movie, before actually shooting the movie! This allows you to find any storytelling or editorial gaps, missing pieces, or pacing problems before you go in, so you know exactly what you need to make a complicated scene work.

Shot almost entirely on green screen, with multiple types of rigs and harnesses, RocketJump: The Show's newest short, Keep Off The Grass required one of the most detailed pre-viz plans RocketJump has ever done, and you can watch the full pre-viz cut here with directors, VFX supervisor, and cinematographer commentary.

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Do you prefer storyboards, a shotlist, pre-viz, or maybe all three? Chat with us directly in the forum and show off your pre-viz work by clicking on "Discuss This Lesson" above!

This is the tenth installment of our series following the production of RocketJump: The Show! We'll address different technical aspects of each production each week as new episodes come out.

Interested in the full episode with behind the scenes? Check it out the series on Hulu!

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