Location Scout: FREDDIE'S VLOG

Taught By:

Jon Salmon


Ben Waller (director & showrunner) and Jon Salmon (cinematographer) use their experiences on RocketJump The Show's newest short, Freddie's Vlog, to break down what exactly a location scout is for, and why it's important and necessary for your film production.

Lesson Plan

How do you choose a film location? What sort of factors need to be considered, both for story, and production? Ben and Jon talk about how they used a necessary step of pre-production, the location scout, to be prepared as possible when filming [Freddie's Vlog](LINK TO SHORT) for RocketJump: The Show.

There are a lot of different needs, requirements and concerns a director and film crew need to keep in mind when considering a location. So who should you bring? What do you need to prepare?

We've compiled a general checklist to get you started in the right direction. It's available for free to download here!

Check out the video above and see the special requirements Ben and Jon had to work within for their short, and the creative solutions they found, and apply it to your own scouts.

Watch the short and try to catch all the crazy locations in Freddie's Vlog!

Interested in the full episode with behind the scenes? Check it out on Hulu.