So You Don't Want To Watch a Black and White Movie

Taught By:

Joey Scoma


Joey explores the rich history of how filmmakers have used black and white to create beautiful, compelling films.

Lesson Plan

"Black and white" isn't actually a genre of film. Rather, there are a multitude of different kinds of films that have all used black and white as a unique storytelling tool. Cinema's history of black and white film is a rich one, filled with movies that have defined the very essence of cinema, that invite you to escape into new worlds, see things in new ways, experience the thrill and strangeness of fantasy, as well as the severity and truth of the real world. This video will explore how filmmakers have used black-and-white to the story's advantage, and why it can be so beautiful and compelling.

Here are links to some of the sources we used for this video:

Steven Spielberg - Interview with AFI

Hand painting/stencils/tinting

Frank Darabont - Intro to "The Mist"

George Miller - Intro to "Mad Max: Fury Road - Black and Chrome Edition"

Martin Scorsese - Interview with Edutopia

Let us know what you think or share some of your favorite black and white movies below!