A Day in the Life of a Production Assistant

Taught By:

Lauren Haroutunian


Colin West McDonald walks you through the day in the life of being a production assistant on RocketJump: The Show.

Lesson Plan

If you're planning on working your way up into the film industry, PAing is a rite of passage.

Production Assistants (P.A.'s) are often overlooked, but are a crucial part of any production. They work as a team, have their eyes on everything, facilitate communication across the entire set, and keep everything running smoothly.

On the set of RocketJump: The Show, we gave production assistant Colin West McDonald a go pro and followed him as he went about his day on the short "Tip Jar."

Learn about set protocol and lingo, what exactly is said on all the walkies, lock ups, what a "last man" is, and general production assistant duties... as well as what to do to guarantee you'll get hired again!

Big thanks to Colin for sitting down with us, sharing your knowledge, and for wearing a camera on your head all day. Also, a million thanks to Nathan Koepp, story producer and shooter/editor for RocketJump: The Show for giving us such amazing footage.

You can watch the full episode of RocketJump: The Show here on Hulu. Or you can watch just the short, Tip Jar, on YouTube.

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