Creating The Illusion

Taught By:

Joey Scoma


In this video essay, Joey peels back the many layers of the different interconnected departments, techniques, and concepts that filmmakers use to maintain the illusion of film.

Lesson Plan

For the month of October RocketJump FRIGHT School releases spooky, horror-themed filmmaking tutorials! However, all the concepts and principles introduced in this video have been used in every style of filmmaking, from cinema's earliest days to the present.

"Movie Magic" is something you hear pretty often. Filmmaking itself is about creating an engaging illusion; bringing an audience into a story so deeply that they forget it isn't real.

In this video essay, Joey discusses the unique and creative problem solving required of filmmakers to create and maintain that illusion. Ultimately, it comes down to teamwork: the seamless interlocking of every department, and layering of the different crafts, concepts, and techniques needed to make it work.

Man, 20 minutes is still not enough time to include everything we wanted. Did we miss any of your favorite movie magic tricks? Share them below!