How to Rent and Load a Grip Truck

Taught By:

Joey Scoma


Gaffer Dominic D'Astice takes us through the rental house process and shows us how to properly check and load gear into a grip truck.

Lesson Plan

For every filmmaker, a key element of production is working with outside vendors, especially rental houses for production equipment. In this video, Gaffer Dominic D'Astice and our friends at Illuminar do a quick run through of the rental process, including the proper way to check gear and load up a grip truck. The truck we used for the demonstration is known as a cube truck and is a well-known fixture on many medium to large-sized productions.

We hope this lesson gives you a basic introduction into working with rental houses, proper etiquette, safety protocols, and a general familiarity with the grip truck! Even if it's your first time in grip or electric, our goal is to give you a leg up on that experience. Stay tuned for a follow-up focusing on grip & electric gear!

Special thanks to James Barker and Daniel Terry at Illuminar for letting us shoot in their space! Check them out at

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