Pro Tip: How to Set a Mark

Taught By:

Lauren Haroutunian


Lauren shows you the most common ways to set marks for your actors so you don't look like a noob on set.

Lesson Plan

So you've set your frame and got your actors in place. Want to help them hit that position each take? Give them a mark! Grab some trusty paper tape and remember a few key things:

  1. Putting tape down in the shape of a "T" can help the actor remember their foot placement and angle
  2. Use a different color for each actor, and try and keep that color assigned to that actor for the run of the shoot!
  3. Use a different, consistent color for camera and dolly marks.
  4. Make sure your mark isn't visible in frame!
  5. Practice the twist and tear and impress your friends and colleagues!
  6. Sandbag T marks can save you time and work on surfaces that won't stick to tape. But you can make your own using metal T brackets from your local hardware store!
  7. Make sure Joey knows which marks are for actors and which ones are for camera.