Pro Tip: How to Set Up A C Stand

Taught By:

Lauren Haroutunian


Key Grip Dominic D'Astice goes over the basics on how to properly setup a C Stand-- one of the most basic yet versatile tools on a film set.

Lesson Plan

The one piece of equipment you're guaranteed to run into on set is the C Stand (or Century Stand). It's a metal stand used for rigging and supporting lighting and grip equipment, most commonly light modifiers, like nets, silks and flags. Dominic D'Astice (key grip on RocketJump: The Show and many of our shorts) shows you the basics for properly setting up and using a c stand safely on set.

The set featured here is for the short Fan Friction. You can also check out the newest full episode of RocketJump: The Show, as well as the newest short, right now on Hulu.