PRO TIP: How To Coil Cable (Over-Under)

Taught By:

Lauren Haroutunian


Gaffer Dominic D’Astice is back with our promised follow-up on how to coil cable– using the over/under method!

Lesson Plan

In the last video, Dom showed you how to coil most electrical/power cables by using the pinch and twist method.

However, with audio and video cables, you’ll want to use the over/under method.

This can be for many reasons, but a couple of the main ones are:

  1. The inner wires of a lot of audio and video cables is braided or coiled differently than power cables, and will have better longevity when wrapped “over/under.” Less wear and tear on the wires.

  2. Audio and Video cable can often be attached to moving equipment or crew, like handheld or steadicam camera operators, boom ops, and TV broadcast cameras. The over/under method allows cable to uncoil straight and quickly, without curling or getting caught on itself.

To wrap over/under, start with the end of your cable in your non-dominant hand. Grab about an arm’s length of cable, and do your first loop “over” like we showed you in the first video.

But instead, on the second loop, you’ll want to flip your dominant hand around so it is facing palm out when you grab the cable. This makes your hand give a “thumbs down.”

While you bring your hand up to make the loop, flip your hand back to normal, so you are now giving a thumbs up. This has looped the cable “under.”

Make sure your loops are the same size. That’s it! You now can coil both ways like a pro!