Harnessing Shadows


Lauren and Jon go over three techniques to create dark, shadowy lighting in your films.

Lesson Plan

For the month of October RocketJump FRIGHT School releases spooky, horror-themed filmmaking tutorials! However, all the concepts and principles introduced in this video can be used in all genres of film.

Shadow, just like light, is a powerful tool for you to use as a cinematographer. But how do you create a dark scene while keeping information clear and your exposure well-balanced?

In this video, cinematographers Jon Salmon and Lauren Haroutunian go over three different lighting techniques that allow you to create dark, low-key lighting, while still maintaining good exposure and clarity in your image. You'll learn about silhouettes, edge and back lighting, fragmentary lighting, and the concept of separation.

See us put all these techniques to use in our spooky Halloween short we created for this tutorial!

Happy Halloween!!