Grip Hardware Essentials

Taught By:

Joey Scoma


Gaffer extraordinaire Dominic D'Astice runs through the hardware basics of the grip department.

Lesson Plan

Pigeon plate? Gobo head? Quarter apple? Yes, these are real terms and not random gibberish. In this video, our friend and gaffer Dom D'Astice returns to Illuminar to show us the basic hardware tools of the grip department and how they are used.

We hope this helps any first-time grips with their on-set experience or acts as a fun refresher course for all the set professionals out there. If any pros have different terms or suggestions for gear, give us a shout! This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to grip and electric terminology so count on more in this series as we dive a little bit deeper.

Special thanks once again to Dom for being an awesome host!

Shout out to James Barker and the Terry Brothers, Daniel and Andrew, at Illuminar for helping out and letting us use their gear for this lesson! They're located in Glendale, CA and you can check them out HERE.