Welcome: Costume Department

Taught By:

Layne McGovern


Costume Designer Layne explains the job of the costume designer, as well as her work on the welcome video.

Lesson Plan

Welcome to the first video in RocketJump Film School’s Arts & Vanities Track!

Arts and Vanities includes many departments, including Costume Design, Art Department, Set Design, Props, Special Effects, Make Up, and more!

In this video, our favorite costume designer Layne McGovern (VGHS, RocketJump shorts, and AVGN The Movie) talks about the job of a costume designer, her responsibilities during production and her creative input on characters.

Layne explains the job of a costume designer is to "take the characters that you read on paper and to bring them to life, to make them into people living their life... You have to put love into their clothes and wardrobe."

Layne also touches on how she approached the zombie costumes for the one-take video on a budget (pro tip: go to Goodwill!) and she tells us what she hopes to bring to the Arts & Vanities track of the RocketJump Film School, and what she wants to teach us about the Costume Department.

Stay tuned for more videos on costume and wardrobe, as well as special effects make up, set design, props, and beyond!