Production Design: Doorgy

Taught By:

Lauren Haroutunian


Bonnie Bacevich walks us through her process as Production Designer of RocketJump: The Show, as she and her team design, build and decorate the set for the short Doorgy from scratch.

Lesson Plan

Production design and art department on a film production are basically in charge of nearly everything that appears on screen (including, but not limited to: set design, construction, set and scenic painting, props, furniture, fixtures, backdrops, graphics, and more).

Aside from the awesome customizable hallway, a crafty door pulley system, creatively re-purposed electronics and sleek built in lighting, Doorgy's design was unique in the fact that not only was the story shaping the production design, but the production design itself also was shaping the story.

We hope this is a fun introduction to Production Design. More on the way!

You can watch DOORGY now for free!

Interested in the full episode with behind the scenes? Check it out the official series on Hulu!