Alex Reeves (@Alex_R)

Alex reeves

Sound Engineer, Point of Blue Studios

Alex is podcast engineer and resident sound guy at RocketJump. As a sound designer, Alex has worked on numerous projects for web, broadcast, and film, including music videos for Childish Gambino and Queens of the Stone Age, standup specials for Comedy Central, and RocketJump shorts such as Skyhook and Milkman 2. He also served as ADR Supervisor for all three seasons of Video Game High School. In addition to pushing lots of buttons on mixing consoles, Alex is also an accomplished television editor, producer, director, and founder of Point of Blue Studios in Burbank, CA. At RJFS, Alex covers the art of recording voice-over and ADR, the ins and outs of signal flow, and geeking out over sweet audio gear. He also raps, occasionally.