Will Campos (@will_rocketjump)

Will campos


Will is the writer and co-creator of Video Game High School, and Rocketjump's upcoming series, Dimension 404. He's also co-written several RocketJump shorts, such as Mexican Standoff, Tie Fighters, and Every 90's Commercial Ever.

Will first got interested in screenwriting through his high school film club, then earned a degree in Writing for Screen and Television at USC. His first big screenwriting gig was writing a low-budget disaster movie for Freddie called Hellstorm, way back in 2009. It was about killer hail! While working on Hellstorm, Will and his writing partner pitched a goofy concept called Video Game High School to Freddie and Matt, who were crazy enough to be like, "that should be a thing that gets made." Four years and several thousand gallons of coffee later, VGHS became a real thing that got made. Nowadays, Will can most often be seen hovering around RocketJump's Nespresso machine or staring at index cards on the writer's room wall.

As a teacher at RJFS, Will is super psyched to do the one thing every writer loves more than writing: talking about writing. Through shows like the AFK series, he'll be one of your humble guides through the ups and downs, the perils and pitfalls, the INT.s and EXT.s of the world of screenwriting. See you soon in the writer's room, students!