Josh George (@Professor_Josh)


VFX Supervisor, Playfight

During a family escapade as a young child I found myself abandoned in the Sierra Diablo Mountains. Accepted by a heard of bighorn sheep soon after I maintained a simple diet of various grasses and plants including sedges, willow, sage and rabbit brush. My superior mind and life span had with haste resulted in god complex like behavior for my simpleton lamb comrades had grown old and frail. The notion of immortality drove me, however it all came crashing down when I stumbled upon the small town of Kerrville, just east of Austin. The rest is history...

But in all seriousness I am a self taught student of youtube videos! Week by week, I would find myself designing new fantastical effects for either high school projects or my own enjoyment. Eventually I became an intern for the amazing people at Playfight VFX and in no time I found myself growing as an artist dramatically. Now the CG Supervisor for Playfight, I'm here to bring you some insight on how to form your own hodgepodge skill set that'll make any VFX enthusiast weak in the knees!