William Chang (@PlayfightVFX)


Chief Executive Officer, Playfight

Entrepreneur and visionary, for the last 18 years William has creatively directed award winning show packaging and branding for major labels and networks (ESPN, CBC, ABC, HBO, NFL, MLB). He has propelled his own company Playfight VFX into a leading visual effects & conceptual design studio in North America. He is a graduate of Ryerson University's Film Studies program. In recent years William has had the pleasure of having his company service the visual effects for established online talents in the YouTube space such as Freddie Wong (RocketJump) and Lindsey Stirling. His break through work for Activision on Call of Duty has made him a sought out VFX supervisor in the industry. Since then William directed his first ever short film for the widely popular video game Titanfall. On top of building Playfight into an IP creation company he is also the CEO for brand new 3D printing company: NEA 3D.