Melissa Costa (@Melissa_at_Playfight)


VFX Generalist and Retro Gamer, Playfight

Hi guys! My name is Melissa and I am a visual effects artist and video editor at Playfight! While growing up I always enjoyed learning new computer programs, most of which were self taught, and I loved to create anything from graphics to videos using programs like Paint Shop Pro and Sony Vegas. I also loved to play video games (still do), and loved to create video games with the help of programs like ZZT, Megazeux, and RPG Maker.

I have to credit my love for creation and video games to getting me where I am today. In 2010 I went to school for 3D modelling and visual effects production with the intention of working in the video game industry. While in school I ended up interning for an awesome visual effects company for about a year. A couple years later I was called back to work for what is today known as Playfight, and it's still awesome.