Lauren Haroutunian (@Lauren)

Lauren haroutunian

Dean of RocketJump Film School

Lauren is a cinematographer-in-residence for RocketJump, having worked on shorts such as Whose Plane Is It Anyway?, Tie Fighters, and London Brawling.

After completing USC’s Film Production Program, Lauren spent some time doing freelance camera work, teaching a 16mm Film course at the Colorado Film School, and leading the film program at the Binning Family Foundation. After a short stint in post production for network television working on shows such as Psych and The Walking Dead, she came to RocketJump and has been bugging them all ever since.

As the Dean, Lauren is the showrunner and the creative point-person for RJFS. Her duties include developing, curating and building all content for the eight filmmaking tracks and the RJFS website, making grandiose demands, tweeting incessantly, and drinking all of the diet coke in the fridge.