Kevin Senzaki (@Kevin_Senzaki)

Kevin senzaki

Sound Designer

Kevin has been doing production and post-production sound at Rocket Jump since VGHS Season 1, when he was recruited by serendipity/honest mistake.

A graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts, some of Kevin's other sound credits include the award-winning short film Tsuyako, the E3 trailer for Mass Effect 3, and numerous YouTube videos for channels like Corridor Digital, Epic Meal Time, and Pwnisher. Highlights of Kevin's other illustrious accomplishments include performing metal scream vocals, illustrating a wildly unsuccessful web comic, and an ill-conceived novel about cyberpunk whaling. He is an infamous whisky enthusiast, sushi snob, and a grand master of bad puns.

As head of Sound at Rocket Jump Film School, Kevin aims to impart students with both a technical and conceptual understanding of all aspects of film sound, in ways that are really useful for both traditional movies and TV as well as the cutting-edge of Internet video.