Joey Scoma (@JoeyScoma)

Joey scoma

Director, RocketJump Film School

Joey makes movies and stuff. He enjoys acting (sometimes), directing (other times), but mostly edits (all the time). His favorite color is giraffe.

If you're still reading this, you've probably figured out that I'm Joey, and Joey doesn't usually write in the third person.

Joey learned how to read and write at school.

He learned how to make movies by making movies.

He learned how to drive when he was old enough.

When Joey was in high school, he taught a video productions class with Brian Firenzi. After Joey graduated from college, he went back to high school with Brian but this time the high school was about video games, Brian's name changed to The Law, and Joey became Jumpin' Jax.

Joey now teaches the things he's learned about filmmaking at the Rocketjump Film School.

Joey is still an active member of and the Rocketjump team. He doesn't really use twitter, but it's listed anyway. If you have any questions, just ask.