Brian Huynh (@BrianPlayfight)


Producer and Coordinator, Playfight

Brian Huynh is the producer, director of photography, and co-coordinator at Playfight. He has helped manage all in-house productions as well as facilitate all service jobs for Playfight.

Brian spent three years at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada studying Intermedia & Cyberarts - also majoring in Art-History. He left his studies in Montreal to pursue fashion photography and interdisciplinary art. Some of Brian's personal credits include Rooster Teeth, Reebok & Elizabeth Arden. Since joining Playfight, he has ingrained himself in the day to day operations from service work to their YouTube channel as well as aiding in rebranding Playfight as an IP (intellectual property) creation company.

He is but one of the many Playfight contributors to the RocketJump Film school and the least likely to survive to the end of any given tutorial (or Playfight video for that matter).