About RocketJump Film School

Several years ago, RocketJump started as a bunch of friends getting together and making movies.

Now? Well, we're still a bunch of friends getting together and making movies--but there are even more of us, with a few big successes (like Video Game High School), new, even larger productions on the horizon (the upcoming Hulu Reality Show), and some big names (Lionsgate! And Tony Hawk that one time!) thrown into the mix.

But RocketJump remains to this day a passion project. We all come into our new, kinda scary-big office every day and marvel that we are here, and excitedly rush into each others rooms and offices to shout out that crazy idea we had for a short or show, the same way we'd barge into each other's dorm rooms in college spouting crazy ideas about a gun fight during a poker game or an over-the-top douchebag guitar hero video, because oh my god, that would be so fun to shoot.

I am happy to say that not much has changed. At its core, RocketJump is about making movies because you love them. Making movies with people you love working with, who inspire you and make you laugh, and challenge you to be better and try harder.

I think our fans can tell this about us.

RocketJump helped me fall back in love with filmmaking, and has helped many of our fans fall into it for the first time. I think we offer something different--something more human, relatable and fun--while still grounding ourselves first and foremost in telling good stories, making good movies, and creating the shows we'd want to watch.

From the get-go, we've made the effort to offer behind the scenes and to be transparent with how we create our shorts and series. But we've always wanted to do more, to create a more close-knit community, to offer more interaction and resources to others as we continue to grow as filmmakers. That's how RocketJump Film School came into being.

RocketJump Film School is, at first glance, an ongoing series of online filmmaking tutorials that follows RocketJump as as our company gears up for bigger, better productions and as we learn to push ourselves as filmmakers. But really it's a community built on support, learning, interaction, and a love of filmmaking.

Tutorials, tips and tricks, interviews, podcasts, live streams, events, contests, forums, film commentary, and behind the scenes. New content every week, at every level, from beginning to advanced.

RocketJump Film School is for everyone, regardless of your level of experience, the type of gear you have, or where you're at in life. There will be something for everyone, and as we go forward with this school, it is the filmmakers and community using RJFS that will shape it into what it will ultimately become.

Hope you'll stick around as we begin this crazy journey... Because oh my god.

This is going to be so fun to shoot.

Nervously (and excitedly),

Dean of RJFS

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